St John the Apostle Church

A Catholic Christian Community of people who gather in the name of Jesus to praise the Father in Word and Sacrament.


St. John the Apostle Catholic Church celebrates the diversity of our families and unites our parish as a worshiping community by reaching out to all people with the word of God. Our mission is to enrich the mind, body and spirit by fostering Christian ideals and beliefs for all; especially for the youth, elderly, sick, and poor.


Starting Jan. 23, the weekend Masses will be in the gym until the Narthex construction is complete.  Click here for details.

Monday & Wednesday Masses will be at Church (subject to change at any time so please watch the bulletin)

Weekend Masses and Funerals will be in the GYM until the Narthex addition & updates have been completed

Click Here to keep updated on the Narthex Updates

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The Cordial Catholic - An Conversion Story

Why we are Catholic  

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Pope Francis Visit to USA


There is currently a lack of male helpers in our religious ed programs. Through the years, we have had up to 4 men at one time teach in our Wed night program. Right now, we have one.  It is so important that our boys and male teens have the opportunity to hear from some of the great male role models in our parish. Please look at the options below and take time to pray about them. Then, let Monica know if you would be interested in doing one of them!! If you are thinking, "I'm not a teacher," that's fine. We are looking for people willing to share their faith and their love of the Catholic Church.

 Options: All on Wed night from 7-8.

 1. Volunteer one Wednesday night between now and the end of April. You may teach a class as a substitute and follow the teacher's lesson plan. Or, you can choose a topic and discuss that. You have the choice of any grade from 1-12.

2. Choose a topic you are comfortable with and present that same topic to a variety of classes (3-4 weeks). Topics can be as simple as sharing your story - Why you are Catholic and why it's important to you to be Catholic. Or, you might have a good understanding of another Catholic topic that you would like to discuss. You could also just do a question and answer session with a class.

 3. Join our substitute teacher list. We don't often need subs since we team teach in a lot of classes. But, there is an occasional need.

 4. Lead a large group discussion or Scripture study lesson with one or several classes. This could be a 3-4 week Scripture class.

 5. Join a group of men and talk about your faith, the Mass, etc. all together.

 6. Volunteer to come a time or two and be an assistant to a teacher.

 7. Lead an adult ed class for parents while their children are in class.